I’m a Division Director in Preeminent Group, the largest champion group in ERA.

As a trusted realtorprenuer, I have helped and assisted many of my happy and fulfilled clients in their successful journeys of buying, selling and leasing. I’ve also helped advised on their various property portfolio to help my clients grow from asset to asset or assets.

Each person has a unique journey and it’s exciting to be part of it in terms of their asset wealth.

Every journey is a meaningful fulfilment of an intention and realisation of a dream, be it right sizing, down sizing or up sizing their homes. Most importantly, we enjoy the process and build a trusting relationship with strong connections forged.

As a leader, I have Company Core Values in ERA to observe and uphold - Integrity, Passion, Unity, Innovation and Gratitude while also meting our our Group’s Mission to train Steadfast Achievers, Groom Sophisticated Leaders and to Build Dynamic Divisions.

My Mission as a Servant Leader is to mentor, advise, train and groom fellow agents to achieve their desired goals in life, to build team and to #WinTogether in ERA.

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